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Wednesday, 04/12/2013

Our Facebook Christmas/New Year competition!

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Enter our Facebook Christmas competition!

Sunday, 17 November 2013  |  Admin
We are running an amazing, yet simple, competition in the run up to Christmas! And there are TWO 1st prizes. We will be posting five products a day for 14 days from our website on Facebook. All you have to do is "like" and comment on any of the products you fancy and, at the end of the 14 days if your comment receives the most likes, you win that item! The second 1st prize may be won by making a comment that we at Cherryberrykiss deem the funniest: that person will win the footwear their witty comment was made on!

We are also giving you the opportunity to boost your "likes" through purchases; if you place any orders with us we will treat that purchase as a bunch of "likes", the more you buy the more you get! (See details below).

Visit our facebook page at to join in!

THERE IS ONE 2ND PRIZE OF 50% OFF AND 10 3RD PRIZES OF 20% OFF ANY ITEM ON OUR WEBSITE. These will be won by the number of "likes" your comment attracts - so this competition is definitely worth entering.

For a full details of how this competition runs, along with terms and conditions, please see the section below.

1) The competition runs from 17th November 2013 8pm GMT until 1st December 2013 8pm GMT.
2) The first 1st prize winner will be the person whose comments generate the most Facebook "likes" and the prize will be the item that they commented on which gained them the winning number of "likes". You many post as many comments as you wish on as many products as you like. There will be a second 1st prize winner who will by judged by Cherryberrykiss to have made the funniest comment; the prize will be the footwear they commented on. There will one 2nd and 10 3rd prizes of 50% and 20% off the products on our on our website - respectively.
3) Entrants may request, via our Facebook wall, that we post an item for it to be winnable.
4) Entrants may make purchases during the run of the competition which we will count as additional "likes". Any order up to 50 we will count as you having 20 extra likes; orders between 50 and 80 we will count as 30 extra likes; orders between 80 and 110 pounds we will count as 40 extra likes. Over this amount, you will be credited with 10 extra likes for every 30 you spend (so for example, if you spend 208.99 the total extra likes we will consider that you have will be 60). You may buy more than one item to make up your order.
We can also consider purchases made by friends, acquaintances and family members in this way (which you can be credited for) however, they must confirm they know you and they must exclude themselves from entering the (though they may like your comments).
5) So that the competition is as fair as possible, "likes" must come from active, genuine Facebook accounts which were created at least one month before the competition began. The apparent winner will be provisionally announced within three days of the competition ending, however, all the other entrants will be given an additional four days to report suspicious activity surrounding the winner's account or their likes (such as likes from fake accounts). In such cases, the runner up with the second amount of winning likes would win, (or third or fourth entrant, etc, if their entries also proved fraudulent. To that end, we encourage all entrants to report activity from fake accounts to us.
6) The winner must agree to be identified by way of a link to their Facebook page. This proves to all entrants that the competition was genuine.
7) If you have a Twitter account, and you tweet this competition linking to this blog page and our Facebook page we will consider consider that four extra likes - two for each link. If you link to our website's homepage from your Facebook page, we will consider that to be to additional likes.
8) If you have an active blog, and you link to this blog post giving details of this competition you will be credited with 5 likes.
9) Should you have earned additional likes through the method described above, when the competition ends, you must notify us of which comment you would like to attribute these extra likes to if you have commented multiple times.
10) The prizes will be dispatched the week beginning the 9th December.
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