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Wednesday, 04/12/2013

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Costume Mary Jane Shoes – Queen of Hearts, Sailor, Strawberry Shortcake and Candy Corn!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013  |  Admin

  Funtasma Contessa 50 white (Please visit our blog to see part one and part two of this article) Let’s take a look at some of the costume style Mary Jane shoes we have available. Related to the Funtasma Contessa-06 Mary Jane Shoes, is the Contessa-50, which is a plain version.Funtasma Contessa 50 black The size range of UK 6 / Euro 39 / USA 9 to UK 9 / Euro 43 / USA 12 is the same as well as the four inch heel and three and a quarter inch platform, only they come in brilliant black and white patent. These would also be suitable for Rockabilly or Teddy Girl lovers who prefer not to have two tone colours or do not want to have attention drawn from their outfit to their shoes. Funtasma Contessa 50x black There is also a wide fitting variant in the form of the Contessa-50X which comes in black patent, has a broader width and comes in the slightly larger size range of UK 4 / Euro 37 / USA 7 to UK 10 / Euro 44 / USA 13.

Funtasma Contessa 55 The rest of the Contessa range offers an assortment of vibrant colours based on a variety of costumes and themes; the American themed “candy corn” Contessa-55 is patent black and has yellow, orange and white stripes to the front of the shoe,Funtasma Contessa 56whilst the Contessa-56 is decorated with Sailor symbols, such as anchors – reflecting a naval theme and would be ideal for parties or theatre musical celebrating this type of event. Funtasma Contessa 58 The Contessa-58 is a cutesy little number which is covered in bright red strawberry motifs in tribute to its strawberry shortcake theme. It has green, scalloped piping and delicate perforations throughout. The Contessa-57’s Alice In Wonderland Funtasma Contessa 57 “Queen of Hearts” theme sees it decked out in spade, diamond, club and heart symbols from a pack of cards, as well as an attractive stripy heel. It goes without saying that this would be suitable for Alice themed events.

Funtasma Contessa 50g The red glitter Contessa-50G has, sadly gone end of line, but you may be able to clinch a pair before they are all gone. All of these costume Contessa shoes come in the size range UK 6 / Euro 39 / USA 9 to UK 9 / Euro 43 / USA 12.

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