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Wednesday, 04/12/2013

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Mary Jane Shoes...not just for girls!

1 CommentMonday, 15 July 2013  |  Admin

 I was somewhat surprised to read, on Wikipedia's site, that the origins of Mary Jane shoes predate the 1900s by many, many centuries; in fact they were sported by men throughout the ages. “Some men during the Renaissance, including kings Henry VIII of England, Francis I of France and Charles IX of France, etc. (as can be seen in paintings from that era)” their authoritative page on the subject purports, and their geographical range, apparently extends as far as main land china.

Heat-3010 by Pleaser Black Steel Toe Thigh High Boots The page also reveals that there is pictorial evidence of young boys donning pairs from the 19th century right up until the middle of the 20th century and also claims that even after that time they were evident amongst boys in “elite” families, with John F Kennedy’s son owning a pair, as well as Princes William and Harry.

Whilst I am of the firm belief that these sensible shoes are not just an accompaniment for a young girl’s school uniform – I think can accessorise a female adult’s outfit – I found it interesting that they started life amongst men!

These days, the shoes are more of a mainstay of female wardrobes and the fact that they have evolved and are still popular today testifies to the versatility of the design of these shoes. Due to this continued popularity, we are running a short series of articles featuring a selection of the types we have on offer. We have a fantastic range from the most basic, to really elaborate and era-led designs to choose from.

We begin with some low heel version with a retro feel, mimicking the types available from the 1920s to the 1950s.



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