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Wednesday, 04/12/2013

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Mary Janes – 30s/40s/50s Spats, Swing, Rockabilly, Gangster’s Moll, Spectator & Mid Heel Styles

1 CommentTuesday, 16 July 2013  |  Admin

 Pleaser Vanity-440 Mary Jane Shoes((Please visit our blog to see parts one and two of this article.) Over the 1940s and 1950s Mary Jane style shoes became very popular with teenagers and young women and were the rage amongst female “rock n rollers”. These types of Mary Jane Shoe design can be found by way of the Pleaser Vanity-440 and Vanity 442 ranges. The Vanity 440 comes in the generous size range - UK 2 / Euro 35 / USA 5 to UK 13 / Euro 48 / USA 16 and the Vanity 442 goes up to UK 10.5/ Euro 45 / USA 14.

Vanity-442 by Pleaser Rockabilly Spats Swing Mary Jane Spectator ShoesThe 440 comes in black patent and the 442 can be had in pink and black or white and black patent. Both have that Rockabilly/Teddy Girl look, with the 442 also being suitable for those looking for womens “Spats” or “Swing” shoes.

funtasma contessa 442 mary jane gangster moll spectator rockabilly spats swing shoesAnother hybrid in this fashion would be the Contessa-06 by Funtasma; this shoe has a four inch heel and is aided by a three quarter inch front platform. It’s ‘Gangster Moll’ style shares the wingtip / scalloped / perforated / two toned features of the Vanity 440 and though its size range is rather small starting at UK 6 / Euro 39 / USA 9 and ending at UK 9 / Euro 43 / USA 12.

Demonia Betty-01 Rockabilly Mary Jane Shoes Demonia’s Betty-01 is another Rockabilly style Mary Jane shoe. This shoe comes in black, pink and red and comes in sizes from UK 2 / Euro 35 / USA 5 to UK 9 / Euro 43 / USA 12. It has a manageable three and a half inch heel and decorative perforated trim.

In the next part of our feature on Mary Jane shoes, we look a broader range of costume styles.

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