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Wednesday, 04/12/2013

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New options in the Bordello Teeze-06 range!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013  |  Admin

 It's been a while since we've let you know what new stock is available - apologies! - but now we want to tell you about some exciting new additions to the Bordello Teeze-06 range.

Bordello have added no less than four colours or materials to this range. You now have the option of this fabulous style in black suede, cream patent, cream faux leather, and tan faux leather.

Teeze-06 by Pleaser Bordello Black SuedeIf you'd like to avail yourself of the full "Teeze" stable, you'll find no less that one hundred and thirty five different styles, colours or materials - all bearing five and three quarter inch heels and a nicely rounded platform of approximately one and three quarter inches in height. The Teeze-01 range have scalloped detailed and a 'French Maid' look. The Teeze-04G and the Teeze 06R ranges are saturated with rhinestones.

Teeze-06 by Pleaser Bordello Cream PatentTeeze-07, Teeze-07H, Teeze-07L, Teeze-07SQ and Teeze-08 are all classic Mary Jane shoes, albeit with high heels; the 07L is hologrammed, the 07L has a delicate lace overlay and the 07SQ is adorned with sequins. The Teeze-08 has rockabilly style polka dots.

Teeze-06 by Pleaser Bordello Cream Faux LeatherTeeze-09 and Teeze 10G have ribbon lacing to the front, with the 09 having a metallic and the 10G having a glitter finish. Teeze-12 has an attractive large bow to the front. Teeze-13 is an interesting gladiator style, court shoe cross with two tone red or pink ribbon caging.

Teeze-06 by Pleaser Bordello Tan Faux LeatherTeeze-14 has a scalloped trim, whilst Teeze-15 has a peep toe. Teeze-16 is an interesting version of the classic womens Oxford Spectator shoe/ankle shoe boot - as is Teeze 20. Teeze-17 is a slingback "French Maid" style shoe whilst Teeze-18 and Teeze-23 have criss cross detail. There's one for the Scots in Teeze-26, which has a Tartan-Plaid material design and for the bold among us there Teeze-27 have a fierce flame pattern .

Why not take a look at the entire range and find the high heel version of many classic designs!

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