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Wednesday, 04/12/2013

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Nude shoes. What's that all about?

1 CommentMonday, 10 June 2013  |  Admin

 Nude shoes. I mean....really? How are they "nude" exactly?

The fact is they come nowhere near anyone’s exact skin tone, no matter what their racial origin. I've seen shades as deep as fuchsia and as light as champagne being described as ‘nude’. At best they’ve been between a pastel beige and a baby pink. There's not even a definitive colour.

The premise behind them is that they don’t distract

Nude Shoesfrom the outfit you’re wearing so the focus is solely on your attire. But that’s *exactly* what they do; the observer’s eye is drawn to the shoes as, often time, they are in a completely different colour sequence to the rest of your clothes (I’m thinking navy blue skirt suit and tan looking mid heels).

Surely if you want your feet to look naked, you’d opt for a pair of perspex, cinderella type 'glass' slippers. Granted they’d look somewhat inappropriate, you’d still look uncoordinated, and many would gawp at your bizarre footwear, but wouldn’t that be a truly ‘bare’ look?

What’s more, women being women, you’ll get the complete once over regardless of how your feet are adorned; they’ll look at you from head to toe – even if it’s just by way of a sideward glance. There’s no way they’re stopping at your knees.

Whatever happened to the old school way of matching the colour of your shoes to your hand bag to finish off your look? Doesn’t this help keep your colours in sync? And if you really can’t find that matching handbag why not search a little longer for shoes that complement your outfit? (We sell over 1100 different styles of ladies shoes, so you can try us for starters!)

I reckon a manufacturer with a heap of beige-ish coloured pumps he couldn't shift one summer came up with this clever marketing gimmick and the craze took off. Now every other woman has a pair in her wardrobe, no matter what her hue.

Except for me. Nude shoes? I (literally) ain't buying it! And don’t even get me started on flesh coloured tights……!



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