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Wednesday, 04/12/2013

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Reach for the thigh! Part Two...

1 CommentSaturday, 13 July 2013  |  Admin
Seduce 3000 by Pleaser Thigh High Boots Black White Red And Silver

 (Visit our blog page to see part one of this article). For those who desire something higher – as well as alluring – the Pleaser Seduce range should be browsed through. All branches of this range have five inch heels. The Seduce 3000 section contains classic slim fitting boots whilst the Seduce 3010 offshoot would be a better fit for larger thighs. Seduce 3010 by Pleaser Thigh High Boots Pink Gold And Silver The 3000 range has a front which tapers slightly into a rounded tip, whilst the 3010 has a “funnel” shaped top which is great for accommodating more shapely thighs. Though neither of these sub-ranges have a leather option the faux leather substitutes are quite convincing.

Seduce 3010 by Pleaser Thigh High Boots Black Red White

 The Seduce 3000 range comes in black PU (faux leather), black patent, silver PU, red patent and white patent, whilst the Seduce 3010 range comes in black PU, black patent, hot pink patent, baby pink patent, white patent, red patent, gold pu, silver pu and white patent

Legend 8899 by Pleaser Leather Thigh High Boots Black White And RedIf leather is your preference, and you don’t mind the lack of sheen that pig’s leather has, then the Pleaser Legend range has a five inch heel versions; Legend-8899 has an inner zip, Seduce 3024 by Pleaser Laced Thigh High Boots Blackdecorative and adjustable back thigh lacing and comes in black, red and a somewhat unusual, white leather. (It used to be available in brown, but sadly no longer).

If you have problems getting standard boots to fit properly around your calves and thighs, Seduce 3063 by Pleaser Back Laced Thigh High Boots Blackconsider the Seduce 3024 boot, which comes in black pu and black patent; it has attractive D-Ring lacing to the entire front which may be adjusted for a comfortable fit.

Alternatively, the Seduce 3063 boot is also an option if you are looking for a snug fit. It has D-Ring lacing to the back and also comes in black pu or black patent. It has no inner tongue (unlike the Seduce 3024, which has one which runs the full length of the boot.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, and you are interested in more striking boots, take a look at part three of our feature on thigh high boots!

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