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Wednesday, 04/12/2013

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Reach for the thigh! Have you a pair of thigh high boots? If not, why not?!

Thursday, 11 July 2013  |  Admin

  Thigh high boots. Mmmmm…. Preferably leather. They've got to be the height of luxury when it comes to footwear. Versatile, they can offer practicality as well as femininity. Think of being at the bus stop in winter with your legs protected - right up to the top of the thigh - from the freezing elements by the sheer length of them. Then think of your legs clad in skinny jeans with the boots elongating your legs in an illusory way as attention is drawn to them. Either way, a simplistic outfit is transformed – immeasurably – when donning a pair of this sensuous footwear!

Maiden-8828 by Pleaser Black Thigh High Leather Boots We feel that thigh high boots must at least have a bit of a heel to do them justice – otherwise their main purpose of seemingly slimming and lengthening is not adequately served. The heel adds length to thigh high boots and helps to thin out shapelier legs. However, for those who feel quite dizzy in heels we – and would like to start out closer to the ground – we have two offerings: Pleaser Maiden 8828 or Pleaser Rodeo 8822.

Maiden-8828 by Pleaser Black Thigh High Leather BootsThe Maiden 8828 boot has a very manageable 2 and a half inch heel, a rather nice V-tip, and back of the thigh lacing for a snug fit, but unfortunately, it’s spoilt by being made with a rather dull pig’s leather. The Rodeo 8822 shares many of the same features (eg, block heel – albeit a lower one and a half inches – and back top lacing) but has a beautiful cow’s leather sheen – and is the more attractive of the two, in our opinion. It has an almost “winklepicker” front to it. Both of these boots have zips to the inside of the leg. Consider these two styles to be the ‘training wheels’ of any venture into thigh high boots!

When you feel comfortable enough – or for those of you who are happy with heels – the Pleaser Legend 8868 is to be recommended. It offers a four inch slim heel. Maiden-8828 by Pleaser Black Thigh High Leather Boots Although it’s a ‘pull-on’ boot, it is made of cow’s leather and, again, has adjustable lacing to the back of the top of the thigh for a perfect fit – as well as a subtle, but decorative buckle. It’s cousin, Legend 8868, warrants a mention, as it also has a four inch heel and comes in an additional two colours – red and brown – however, unfortunately, it has no buckle, no back lacing and shares the dull pig’s leather finish of the Maiden 8828. You may consider it worth it to shell out slightly extra for the bovine leather boots.

In part two, will introduce you to some higher models!

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