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Wednesday, 04/12/2013

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Want the high heels without the pain? Game the system - use platforms!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013  |  Admin

 In the past seven days, I have seen three reports – one on the BBC News Channel and two in the Daily Mail – questioning the wisdom of wearing high heel shoes.

Now, when we buy a pair of shoes that shift the heel a good five inches of the ground, thoughts of safety are furthest from our minds. We are basing this particular purchase on looks alone. And anyway, aren’t we only meant to teeter from the taxi to the restaurant table/party/cinema seat and then discreetly whip off these instruments of torture? Are there many of us who would stand in a pair for half an hour (at a push)?!

Gorgeous-20 by PleaserSurely high heels were never made with comfort in mind. My understanding is that they elongate, and thus accentuate, the legs making the wearer look taller, slender and more elegant. This being achieved (and with that look being imprinted in the minds of those around you) don’t you then take them off at earliest opportunity? Or am I the only one that does this?!

I must admit, I positively stare at a woman who saunters along the high street in anything taller than 3 inches, holding my breath as I admire her bravery and dedication to her femininity. Conversely, I nod approvingly at the sensible types that wear ‘comfort’ shoes as they make their way to the office.

Teeze by Pleaser BordelloOn a serious note, prolonged use of high heels can cause back problems as they tip the spine out of alignment and it would probably be a good idea to limit the amount of time you stand it them.

However, if it’s absolutely imperative to your psychological well-being that you wear your heels for most of the day (and you liken a heelless look to leaving the house without make-up) why not cheat a little by adding some concealed platform stilettos to your shoe collection. A well hidden platform will not add a bulky look to the shape of the shoe and, for example, a one inch platform can offset a four inch heel, giving the effect of walking in more manageable three inch heels. We have a selection of over 200 hidden platform shoes so see if we have something to lessen the pain! Above all – be kind to your back!

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